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Cause i can!!

2011-03-22 13:25:07 by ZealTheBat

hmm... just thought to leave a lil random pointless message... mission accomplished lol

i know it's a program and it's makes animations, that's all... is there an official website for Iron Meister FLASH MASTER??? i can't find one

Free Animating Program...???

2009-03-28 18:19:56 by ZealTheBat

i'm looking for a decent, free & legal animating program... any idea of one, do tell!!!


2009-01-22 16:45:21 by ZealTheBat

yup, after a long break with animating, i've decided to return & make some knew ones.

i'm going to give sprite animating a break (hopefully) for a long LONG time; and instead do frame-by-frame animating instead. the perfect way to starting off with animating (for me) would have to be an AWESOME one, just like the famous Egoraptor's works!

hopefully my skills as an animator will progress, and this will be my first and last AWESOME animation. what's it based on? nobody but me knows and cares!!!
what?? hints?? HA!! you're having a laugh :D

Phoenix Wright Collab

2008-09-23 08:30:36 by ZealTheBat

yeh i had this idea of a phoenix wright collaboration like... just wondering if anyone wanted to join in? and if i get enough peeps then we can arrange on how to do it like lol.

i don't mean a "phoenix wrong" kind, but like funny mic takes of events from the game like! soo like the MGS CD animations, they take the mic out of the game; and don't use funny phrases from a tv/movie etc...

so yeh that's my idea, if anyone's interested leave a comment!!!

i need help, i need some famous quotes which's hilarious from you guys, which's been stuck in your head for the past forever. also tell me who said it, and i'll be your friend ;P

ooh and a picture just for bein cool n'such


at the moment i've been getting ready a phoenix wrong ztb 3, (silent clap) and also a mario collab (silence)

my phoenix wrong seems to be running smoothly in schedual, but as for my mario collab... well i doubt it'll be up anytime soon lol

so expect another phoenix wrong ztb 3 soon (by soon i mean 2-3 months)

so after a long and hard(ish) work on Phoenix Wrong ZTB 2, I've decided to make a Mario Collaboration with my friend Kronkle!!! ... that's pretty much it lol

i've got all the details of it on my deviantart homepage so... yup... if you're intrigued about this, then headon (apply directly to the forehead) over!!!

New Animator Approaching

2008-01-13 17:47:11 by ZealTheBat

hello, i'm new at this whole animating thing, just finished an animation that you've probably noticed "phoenix wrong ZTB" ... m'hoping that it'll turn out ok like, and that people will like it...

although ttytt i think it's rather bad, it's good in some perspectives, but it can be greatly improved...

m'starting to make a "Phoenix wrong ZTB 2" but i think that i'll need some good advice onto making this one a good animation